Release Year: 1992

Genre: Simulation

 Views: 6015 / Ratings: 70%


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Manual (author: shx)

X-WING KEYBOARD CONTROLS: Manoeuvre controls: Mouse - Nose Up / Down - Bank Left / Right. R Mouse + moving the mouse left / right - Rolls spacecraft around its axis. Cockpit Views: NumPad - Cockpit Views. . - Pilot view with no cockpit. F1 - Returns you to the starfighter pilot view from an external or missile view mode. F2 - Selects camera view of missiles/torpedoes. Repeated key presses will step through multiple missile views. F3 or / - Toggles external camera view mode. 8 - Repositions camera viewpoint in external view mode. Propulsion: + - Increase throttle. - - Decrease throttle. - Sets throttle to zero power. [ - Sets throttle to 1/3 power. ] - Sets throttle to 2/3 power. Backspace - Sets throttle to full power. H - Engages hyperdrive. This will effectively end the mission. F - Toggles S Foil wing position on the X-Wing and B-Wing. Lasers cannot be fired with the wings closed. Combat Systems: F9 - Adjusts laser recharge setting. F10 - Adjusts shields recharge setting. Shift + F9 or ; - Directs energy from your shields to lasers. Shift + F10 or ' - Directs energy from your lasers to shields. Weapons: L Mouse / Enter - Fire. S - Toggles shield configuration. W - Toggles through weapon systems. X - Toggles firing configuration. Combat Multiview Display: I - Toggles between CMD Identification mode and Targeting mode. U - Activates CMD and selects ship within Target Sight. R - Select nearest enemy starfighter as target. T - Activates CMD and selects next target. Y - Previous Target. Shift + F5 to F8 - Stores current target as one of four presets. F5 to F8 - Selects preset target. Navcom Systems: Spacebar - Skips current scene. M - Activates In-Flight Map display. D - Activates Damage Assessment display. B - Activates Mission Briefing directives. Communication: Shift + H - Head Home! Shift + R - Report In! Shift + E - Evasive Manoeuvres! Shift + W - Wait for further orders! Shift + G - Go ahead and engage! Wingman Commands: Shift + C - Cover Me, Wingman! Shift + A - Attack Target, Wingman! Shift + I - Ignore Target, Wingman! Auxiliary Systems: Alt + E - Initiates ejection sequence. Flight Recorder: C - Toggles flight camera recorder on and off. V - Allows the current mission recording to be reviewed.

Anonymous (2013-04-14 22:21:15)

very good game. I spend too much time playing this game. Recomended

Anonymous (2016-01-04 05:15:54)

I loved this game! I remember having to manage memory in order to play this. A superior flight sim, and I only found one I liked better when I found Wing Commander IV. Get the expansions!

Anonymous (2017-04-26 11:17:18)


Anonymous (2017-05-09 21:12:19)

tie fighter remake was nicer. but this was a will be the 1 st floppy game. hope we get a 4k version then.

Anonymous (2017-06-27 10:37:04)

Kiitos Kati! :) Hienoa jos olette kehittyneet ja toivottavasti pääsette pian starttaamaan virallisiin! :) Kokeilemaan aina kannattaa mennä ja treenata sitten lisää niitä asioita mitkä ei toimineet. :) Ja kiitos mutstuiuksesta, pitääkin päivittää meidän linkkilista ajantasalle teidän osalta! ;)

Anonymous (2019-05-06 04:02:34)

The Adventurer

Anonymous (2017-06-27 10:47:57)

If not for your writing this topic could be very covnuloted and oblique.

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