X-COM: Terror from the Deep


Release Year: 1995

Genre: Strategy

 Views: 1175 / Ratings: 100%


X-com terror from the deep (x-com 2) were to begin with this great jewel Well in 1995 Microprose published x-com 2 and later for PlayStation in 1996. the plot straight stolen from wiki cause i never watched nor payed attention to the cut scene is Terror from the Deep is set in 2040, decades after the first Alien War was won, when a new alien menace begins to emerge from the oceans. Eventually, it is revealed the aquatic aliens came to Earth on a massive spacecraft, known as T'Leth, that crashed into what is now the Gulf of Mexico 65 million years ago, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs. Destruction of T'Leth by the player results in victory but also accidentally results in another worldwide environmental cataclysm, destroying the ecosystem of Earth and setting the stage for the third game in the series, X-COM: Apocalypse. With that being said the game play is impossibly hard and addictive as always.Think its too easy give it a couple of rounds battling it out in new terrain and some new enemies like the lobster men and you will change your mind fast.Researching new tech is key and provides a nice little description on everything you have learned.Building new rooms in base or a new base all together has pretty much stayed the same with different names and graphics.The music and sounds of this game are not to be forgotten...with eerie sounds and a dark environment it will make you jump ever now and again. Well don't take my word for it go out and defend the world again you can get this on steam or any other way you choose to get your games as always enjoy :)

author: thereapergambit

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