Team 17

Release Year: 1995

Genre: Action

 Views: 2067 / Ratings: 80%


Worms is one of my all time favorite games and for those of you who have never played it you are in for a real treat. The objective of the game is simple. You control a team of 4 worms and so does your enemy. You must kill all the enemy worms before they kill yours. To do this teams take alternating turns until their is only one team remaining. Additionally each worm has 100 health points and access to an insane of arsenal of weapons. To stop the game from dragging on forever there is also a default time limit for each turn and for each game. If you take to long on your turn play passes onto your enemy. If you both take to long to kill each other welcome to sudden death mode. If someone asked me to describe what this game is like my response would be that Worms is almost a combination of Scorched Earth by Wendell Hicken and Lemmings Psygnosis Limited. Movable tanks (of sorts) with a wicked variety of tools to choose from. Which brings me to why I like the game so much. Worms is all about customization. You choose the names of your team and the team members. You choose the style of speech that they use. There are a slew of options within the game menu for different variations on game play depending on your ability. You can play this game by yourself Vs a Computer team, or you can play this game against your mates on your computer. There is even a level editor that allows you to create your own levels (maps) from bitmap images (Although there are file size and resolution restrictions to this.) Also don't forget to look for some of the cheats just for laughs. The Bazooka Mini-gun is a personal favorite. Score game play 9 out of 10 Score game graphics 8 out of 10 Score game appeal 9 out of 10 Score re-playability play 9.5 out of 10 Overall score 8.9 out of 10

author: harquimm

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zolaris (2013-11-21 08:56:20)

the birth of a classic. a ballistic game with tons of fun

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