Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Brøderbund Software

Release Year: 1991

Genre: Adventure

 Views: 3837 / Ratings: 83%


In modern day time Carmen Sandiego is a icon here in American and has spawned a fallowing for more then twenty-five years. Taking a look at the first game in the series, will we find a timeless classic or an educational game that fallows in the waves of Mario's miss adventures? Story - You are the new Recruit of Interpol on the hunt for Carmen Sandiego a former spy for the Intelligence service of Monico. She has sense gone to a life of crime and has taken to hiring a large number of Henchmen. Once a thief has been spotted an important item has been stolen it is up to you to travel around the world and catch the criminals and restore the item to its rightful location. Gameplay - The game starts off with you naming your new character via typing on an old looking printer. You start as a rookie and as you catch criminals you slowly rank up. It serves very well into keeping you coming back to catch more criminals but has no actual noticeable benefits other then a new title. The game starts off by telling you that a thief has stolen something from one of 30 locations that you can visit and you have one in game week to find them. You get a hint at who it as it will tell you if the person was Male or Female. The game starts off in the location the item was stolen from and you must click on the "Magnifying glass" at the bottom right of the screen to visit 3 random locations to gain clues on the person and/or there next destination. You must take note of all the features of the criminal as the "Computer" Icon will be used to gain a warrant. Once you get all the clues you click on the "Airplane" Icon to choose a new destination which ranges from 3 to 5 places and you must use the clues you gathered to see which location the criminal went to, if you choose correctly an animation will play, Otherwise you will have to back track and waist precious time. Once you chase them far enough an animation of the criminal being caught or getting away will be shown if you got a warrant or not which then takes you back to the main menu and starting up a new case. Graphics - Comparing it to most other games in 1985 it was pretty good for it's time and though not physically involved it has a detailed 8-bit rendition of each location and the animations are always humorous and make you laugh and taking a cue from Indiana Jones, showing a red line to each location on the world map. And though not perfect it puts you into the world enough that you get mentally involved. Overall - It's a fun game and unless you really think about it you may not even notice that it meant to be a geography educational game. It's funny and mentally involved and i learned a lot from it. if you got a few hours to kill and want something to do i take a spin and go on the hunt, so you to can know "Were in the World, is Carmen Sandiego" Final Score - 8/10 - Via 1985

author: zetra

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