UFO: Enemy Unknown


Release Year: 1994

Genre: Strategy

 Views: 1248 / Ratings: 100%


UFO: Enemy Unknown or better known as (X-com 1) hit the market in 1994 for Dos, PC, Amiga and later in 1995 for PlayStation. This real-time, management simulation, turn-based tactics, Keyboard throwing across the room game is by far the most enjoyable and hardest game you will play. The plot of this game is that in the year 1998!!! UFOs start to appear all around the world. Abductions and strange attacks world wide. Your task is to command the X-com soldiers and eliminate the threat . Starting the game is basic you look upon the world and set a base and name you will revive a pre-constructed base with soldiers and 2 jets and 1 transporter for your units.From this point the possibility's are endless.....well to an extent. Research technology revived from the battle field such as plasma weapons and autopsies.Buy or sell weapons and technology,equip squad,send jets and units into battle,and build new bases With all this in one game why not give it a try you can purchase this game on steam or however else you find your games. Enjoy and dont play this game in the dark with your speakers too loud.

author: thereapergambit

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