Theme Hospital (Demo)


Release Year: 1997

Genre: Strategy

 Views: 5023 / Ratings: 87%


Ever wanted to run a hospital, well with this game you get the chance to do so. Ofcourse in this game the patients have funny problems like "Elvis impersonation disorder" or "big air head" (which will be deflated with a big needle). You even get the chance to train your doctors and make them beter at curing patients. You actually run everything from who waters the plants to howmany patients can be cured at once. There are even bonuses in the form of emergency cases where you wil treat something like 10 patients with the same disease in a short amout of time as possible. I my self have played the game many times long ago and was glad to see it here again and play it now also from time to time. Gameplay 8 out of 10. Graphics 8 out of 10 Repetitive play 8 out of 10 Overal score 8 out of 10. Last word "Great hospital game wish the diseases in the game were real would make the poeple alot happier".

author: klogwog

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Anonymous (2017-06-27 11:00:56)

masa yg ada masuklah ke majlis ilmu…taman2 syurga…..taman syurga ni ada di mana mana….di malaysia pun ada…doa di dlm nye juga mua#0jab&t823a;msjlis ilmu majlis yg disertai para malaikat….jgn dibiarkan hidup kita sampai berkedut….itu pun kira sudah bernasib baik baru/sempat mencari jalan pulang….U TURN secepat yg munkin jika telah tersasar…ianya lebih baik dr si abid yg bertasbih….

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Anonymous (2016-09-20 02:49:22)

How do I play online?

Anonymous (2016-09-20 03:18:00)

It has a glitch, I cannot play in full screen and I cannot move my curser to the right 2 inches of the game screen on the page, making the game unplayable because one cannot select or click anything with out moving the cursor out of the game screen.