Release Year: 1993

Genre: Arcade

 Views: 3111 / Ratings: 76%


All right... I don't even know where to begin. Let's start with this: imagine yourself, that you are a prince. You are living your perfect, royal life in your little kingdom, that's even more perfect! One day, you decide to go out on a date with beautiful princess. Everythings goes according to plan, and then - evil witch shows up and completely destroys the mood by kidnapping your date! And if that wouldn't be enough, the old hag has transformed you into a frog! Great... Now your life suck, and you can't even do anything about it. Ok, are you still reading? Then prepare yourself for this - after hours, or maybe even days of despair, something happens. You find a bottle, filled up with weird, sparkling liquid. Runes on the bottle says - Lucozade ;) Momentarily you know, that your pitiful, froggy half-life is about to change. You drink the liquid, and feel the power going through your body. You're not a frog anymore. Now, you are Superfrog! And it's time for revenge!Superfrog is a very good platform game that's behind all that crazy story. The main goal of this game released in 1993 by Team17 (best known for Worms) is to find and rescue the abducted princess. And the only way to achieve that is to defeat the old witch. So, you will have to go through 6 worlds. Each one is different than the other, with many obstacles and enemies on your way. Being a superfrog may be better than a casual frog existence, but it's still not good enough to destroy everyone that your green hero will meet. In most cases you will have to avoid the fight and concentrate on collecting the golden coins, because you will need at least 100 to open the doors to another level.Superfrog gameplay is rather standard for a platform game, but of course, there's nothing wrong about it. Cartoon-like graphics is on a very decent level, and music is just superb. If you are a fan of platform games, the game will not dissapoint you, that's for sure.

author: shx

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