Quake (Shareware)

id Software

Release Year: 1996

Genre: Action

 Views: 3820 / Ratings: 85%


Do you like Chopping Monsters with an Axe? Shooting them With a Shotgun? Nailing them with a Nail gun?! Then QUAKE, is the game for you. This Classic, is in my Opinion, one of the best Classic Shooter games out there, if not THE best... Many hidden areas. Shoot the wall, (Or use your Trusty Bloody double bladed Axe.) to find them. In most cases they're well marked. Are there Hidden Levels? That's for YOU to discover, as you Slash Shoot, Nail, and ???? your way through the Dungeons of Quake! It even has Multi Player. (Not tested by me though.) Give it a try, I'll bet you'll be up all night!! (Either having Horrible Nightmares of Dyeing in the Dungeons, or Playing QUAKE!)

author: mukus

Though it was not the first FPS game out there on the market Quake seemed to blow everything else away at the time. An awesome arsenal of evil weaponry, stunning graphics (great resolution for the era) and an almost excessive amount of gore made for quake to be blockbuster game. For me however it got old and tired rather quickly. The same old scenery and noises seemed to make the game feel very repetitive. However it wasn't all bad. The ability to create LAN games was a key feature in what made this game so cool. Getting half a dozen or so friends to all join in a games of quake for lunch at high school made Quake a far more enjoyable experience than other games of the era. Additionally the ability to easily install mod packs meant that you could mix things up a bit if it became a bit boring or to easy. Score game play 8 out of 10 Score game graphics 8 out of 10 Score game appeal 7 out of 10 Score Re-playability 5 out of 10 (without mods or lan) Overall score 7 out of 10

author: harquimm

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dosdog (2013-07-25 08:34:34)

This was so good back in the day kicking back with a couple beers, Quake and NIN! Even today it still elicits nostalgigasms.

zolaris (2013-11-21 08:54:05)

i remember the first time i played its was sooo amazing all 3d fire and blood particles NIN waaa

zolaris (2013-11-21 08:54:05)

i remember the first time i played its was sooo amazing all 3d fire and blood particles NIN waaa

harquimm (2013-12-02 11:38:39)

Sorry guys Duke3d was better

Anonymous (2017-06-26 11:53:42)

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