Magic the Gathering: Duels Of The Planeswalkers


Release Year: 1997

Genre: Strategy

 Views: 36840 / Ratings: 87%


A fun strategy game from MtG series. You can play single player or multiplayer (although im not sure if that still works or how to set it up). To start the game extract rar file and open Magic.exe inside Magic folder(everything runs fine for me using Win7 x64 SP1) In the main menu options Duel;Tools;Player are for multiplayer but now to the fun part. To start singleplayer choose world->Shandalar and then finish the setup. (If you get Assertion error just press enter- works for me). The main goal of MtG:DotP is to free the kingdom of Shandalar from evil planeswalkers and do not allow them to take over Shandalar. At start just wander around fighting random monsters and maybe doing some quests in villages to build up your deck. (It would be vise to take dungeon clues from monsters because dungeons contain very powerful cards.) Sometimes you will get a warning that one of the evil planeswalkers is sending his minion to attack a village i would suggest to go to that village and intercept the minion before it takes over the village because: 1.Freeing the village is harder than defeating minion outside; 2. if you allow evil planeswalkers to take over Shandalar you lose. About game objects: you will encounter many spawning structures too (like graveyards, mountains, ruins or forest caves) when you enter the structure you get a random encounter most often you will get a land card depending on the structure but you could get many more rewarding events too or merchants. ( It would be wise to acquire many amulets to trade for cards - you can do so by questing or looting dungeons or get them from random monsters). Questions: Sometimes in random generated structures and always in dungeons when walking on a paper with ? mark you will get questions about cards (How much mana does XXXX cost or Which card costs xx mana so train your memory or use google ;D) if you answer wrong you will spawn a monster if you answer correct then in dungeons you just clear your way and in random encounters you may get a reward. You can avoid fighting some monsters by answering questions, sometimes there will be answer riddle option instead of pay gold - I'm not sure why some fight can be escaped by riddle and sone can't. Terrain and food: You will notice that you walk the fastest while on a road and much slower when moving through mountains, forest or other rough terrains. If you run out of food you will start walking very slowly regardless of terrain so keep a supply of food. So now you are fighting monsters, looting dungeons and freeing villages next thing to do is take the fight to evil planeswalkers you should attact all five castles and take them down. Overall I found this game very entertaining and had many hours of fun. The open world dueling is quite exciting although monsters can be bothersome sometimes and come at you one after another so constant dueling is what you can expect. --------Possible Spoilers Ahead---------- When you defeat all 5 bag guys be prepared for the last big fight it will be harder than 5 kings. A little cheat: if you lose a fight close Magic the Gathering Duel from taskbar and then just resume game World>Shandalar>Resume game this lets you to retry the duel or restart outside a dungeon.

author: geksis

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Anonymous (2012-10-21 12:15:58)

AAA++++++++++ Awesome Game

Anonymous (2012-12-20 07:27:06)

If you can play it - the best magic the gathering game ever done!

Anonymous (2013-03-03 04:07:26)

El juego va perfecto con xp y descarga en nada. totalmente completo, con duel y shandalar. Una pasada!

Anonymous (2013-06-04 11:09:51)

haaaaaaaaaaamer thx weiß noch jemand wo ich shandala her bekomme??? link pls on

Anonymous (2013-07-05 16:53:01)

works fine for me, you guys are saints, I've been looking for this for ages

Anonymous (2013-07-10 18:02:23)

Awesome MTG game, this game helped me learn to play MTG!

shx (2013-08-23 18:20:44)

If so many of you like this M:tG game, maybe someone will write a review? ;)

Anonymous (2013-08-25 20:02:17)

I cant get the deck editor to work properly...

Anonymous (2013-10-03 14:03:47)

So I just downloaded this and started playing it, but I cant edit my deck anyone know why?

Anonymous (2013-10-10 06:19:11)

This may be a silly question but how do you install it?

Anonymous (2013-11-08 01:24:10)

Hey, I'm having trouble running this game... It launches ok, it only throws one error and allows me to get into the world. Then, within the first 10 minutes, always during the first battle, the program will error out and close. Any advice? I've tried redownloading with no success. Thanks, Jmastaflex

shx (2013-11-14 15:12:05)

Version that you can download from this website works ok, maybe it's a problem with compatibility of your Windows?

Anonymous (2013-12-29 16:06:04)

Guys, the reason you're all having so much trouble with the game is because its a hacked version, not the original retail version. Pass this one up, its absolutely filled with graphics and programming errors. Best of luck finding a real copy...still looking. :)

Anonymous (2014-03-07 17:55:38)

Yeah, can't even edit my deck. Everything else works fine, but since I can't add any cards to my current deck, there's no point.

Anonymous (2014-07-07 12:10:48)

The game works fine for me, and Thank you very much for the source! I had unupdated version, it will rock to play with new (for me) cards ! Awesome!

Anonymous (2014-07-07 12:12:45)

... And for those who are unable to edit the deck, please try to double click on cards to add to/remove from deck ;) it works fine. Arakhne

Anonymous (2015-01-05 21:07:52)

I have the same error within the first duel. Sometimes it pops up quick in the second turn or so. Other times the error pops up right before i finish off the opponent. It's frustrating... I want to play the game, but I cannot seem to find an original copy for sale anywhere and I cannot find a downloadable copy that doesn't give this early game error... Do others experience this error too? if so, have you found a fix? - comment posted 1/05/2015

Anonymous (2015-02-13 18:38:20)

Fixing the errors, particularly Assertion Error (Dave's Cool Timer <or> Add Card <or> any number of others), you'll need the manalink 2.0 unofficial update. It's out there, google it. Also, this game is astonishingly still supported by a dedicated group of players, there's a ManaLink3 unofficial update that includes new card sets (maybe even current) and the art is updates on a ton of the initial ones.

Anonymous (2016-04-18 19:24:10)

Any way to get this to run on android?

Anonymous (2017-07-19 21:52:38)

I can't create a new game as it says one of the lines will not open. Any solutions?

Anonymous (2017-08-05 07:19:13)

relojes suizos antiguos cuerda

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