Leisure Suit Larry


Release Year: 1987

Genre: Adventure

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Where to begin, Wel first I like to say I have played Leisure Suit Larry and the follow ups many a times from when it was first released (yes I am that old LOL). Anyway I have liked the game and especially the game interface of how you search and solve certain puzzles (wel sort of like puzzles). I have also played the remake version but I have always like the original one and also the funny but good remarks you get when you would type anything like a sexual refference or even a curse word the game would respond in a quick and funny way that you know that it would be wise not to be rude again. Further more for anyone who likes this sort of games it is one of the best and I recommend it to all you would like a little not to simple and funny game to play when al the action games are just to much at the moment. If I have to give the marks then they would be: Graphics 7 of 10 (considerring the time in which it is made Game play 7.5 of 10 Storyline 6 of 10 Total marks 6.8 of 10

author: klogwog

First of all it should be noted that The Leisure Suit Larry series of game is designed to be enjoyed by adults. If you are easily offended by smutty jokes, nudity, sexual references or polyester this game is not for you. To stress this point the copyright protection of the game was a series of trivia questions designed to ensure that the player is an adult. When asked your age if you say that you are too young you will be kicked out of the game. If you say you are over a hundred the game knows you are not. There is a cheats way to bypass this but you are an adult so I don't need to tell you that. Second of all this review specifically refers to Leisure Suit Larry 1 the original version. Leisure Suit Larry was later remade by sierra as a VGA edition that differed from the original by dropping the parser interface for the newer point and click interface. Additionally, and much later Leisure suit Larry was remade again by Al Lowe while at replay games (Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded) But enough about that boring stuff, you want to know about the game. The annoyingly catchy music starts playing in the background and you begin the game standing outside Leftys bar assuming the role of Larry Laffer. A 40 year old virgin on a mission, get laid or die trying. To see exactly what I mean when I say die trying, try walking directly down away from the bar. **BAM!** Hit by a car and dead. The motto of for those who play sierra games is Save early Save often. Restart the game. Go into the bar. Look at everything. Talk to everyone. Repeat for every other scene in the game and soak in the wonderful EGA graphics and the smutty innuendo. Score game play 7 out of 10 Score game graphics 8 out of 10 (Really good for the era) Score game appeal 7 out of 10 Score Re-playability 7 out of 10 Overall score 7.2 out of 10

author: harquimm

Walkthrough (author: shx)

Lefty's Bar OPEN DOOR to the bar and enter. SIT DOWN, CALL BARTENDER, BUY WHISKEY, GET UP and go north to the hallway. TALK TO MAN, GIVE WHISKEY and TAKE ROSE from the table. OPEN DOOR and go east to the toilet. TAKE RING from the sink. READ GRAFFITI four times to find out the password (KEN SENT ME), then SIT DOWN on the toilet (don't forget to GET UP when you finish ;) ). OPEN DOOR, leave the bathroom and go south. Go to the red doors, KNOCK DOOR and say KEN SENT ME. Get inside the room, USE REMOTE CONTROL and then CHANGE CHANNEL untill pimp will be interested enough to leave his post. Go upstairs and TAKE CANDY from the table. (TALK TO GIRL, UNDRESS and FUCK her to see what happens (just remember to save the game before ;) )). OPEN WINDOW, CLIMB THROUGH WINDOW, jump down to thrash bin, TAKE HAMMER, GET OUT. Go west and CALL TAXI. OPEN DOOR, tell the driver to go to CASINO. When you arrive, PAY and LEAVE. Casino Enter the casino and go north. LOOK AT ASHTRAY, TAKE CARD. Go east, SIT DOWN, GET UP and leave the room. Go south, PUT MONEY INTO MACHINE and play untill you win 250$. Exit the casino and BUY APPLE from the homeless man (if he's not there, go back inside and exit again till he shows up). CALL TAXI, OPEN DOOR and GO TO SHOP. Shop PAY DRIVER and LEAVE the cab. LOOK AT PHONE, USE PHONE and dial 209-683-6858 (Sierra support number). USE PHONE, dial 555-6969 and answer few questions. Enter the shop and TAKE MAGAZINE from the shelf. READ MAGAZINE and TAKE WINE from the top-left shelf. Go to the clerk and BUY PROTECTION. Leave the shop and ANSWER THE PHONE. GIVE WINE TO MAN and you'll receive the knife. CALL TAXI, OPEN DOOR and GO TO DISCO. Disco PAY THE DRIVER and LEAVE the car. SHOW PASS to bouncer and enter. SIT DOWN next to the girl. LOOK AT GIRL twice. TALK TO GIRL. GIVE HER CANDY, GIVE HER RING, GIVE HER ROSE. ASK HER TO DANCE and go to dance floor with her. When you finish, SIT DOWN next to her, LOOK AT GIRL and GIVE HER MONEY. Leave the disco and CALL TAXI. Go back to Casino. Casino Leave the car and enter the casino. Once again, PUT MONEY INTO MACHINE and play untill you win at least 150$. Leave the casino and go east. TALK TO MAN, OPEN DOOR and enter the chapel. MARRY GIRL, leave the chapel and go back to casino. Enter the building, walk north and go to the elevator. PRESS FOUR. KNOCK to the doors with the heart on it. Walk to the radio and TURN ON RADIO. Talk to girl to find out that she wants wine to get in the mood. OPEN DOOR and leave the suite. Go back to the elevator, PUSH ONE and leave the casino. CALL TAXI and go to shop. Shop Leave the cab and USE PHONE. Dial 555-8039 and order WINE to the SUITE. CALL TAXI and go back to casino. Casino When you arrive, enter the casino. Go to the elevator, PUSH FOUR and go back to the suite and KNOCK. POUR WINE, GET IN BED. CUT ROPE WITH KNIFE, TAKE ROPE. Leave the room and go downstairs with the elevator. Try your luck again. PUT MONEY INTO MACHINE and play till you win at least 40$. Leave the casino, CALL TAXI and GO TO BAR. Lefty's Bar OPEN DOOR and enter the building. KNOCK at the red door - the password is KEN SENT ME. Go upstairs, walk close to south side of the bed. TALK TO GIRL, UNDRESS, USE PROTECTION, FUCK THE GIRL, REMOVE PROTECTION. CLIMB THROUGH WINDOW and walk to the right side of the balcony. TIE ROPE TO LARRY, TIE ROPE TO RAIL, CLIMB OVER, HIT WINDOW, TAKE PILLS, CLIMB BACK and UNTIE ROPE. Walk left and jump down to the trash bin. CLIMB OUT, go west, CALL TAXI and GO TO CASINO for the one last time. Casino Leave the car and enter the casino. Go to elevator and PRESS EIGHT. Go to the desk and LOOK AT GIRL. GIVE PILLS TO GIRL and PRESS BUTTON. Enter the penthouse. Go to the bedroom (the exit is at top-right corner). OPEN DOOR and TAKE DOLL. INFLATE DOLL, USE DOLL twice. GET IN POOL, LOOK AT EVE, GIVE APPLE TO EVE.

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Lots of sexual gags included

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This Game is Not Available for Download, sorry :'(

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