Indianapolis 500

Papyrus Design Group

Release Year: 1989

Genre: Racing

 Views: 1454 / Ratings: 100%


This was one of my favorite games growing up as it was very simple to play yet deceptively addictive. However I found that this was incredibly strange since I normally prefer games with great graphics, plot or humor and this game has none of those things. The graphics were average at best while there is not plot or humor ( you are racing a car after all ). Yet hour after hour I was able to spend lost chasing down that lead car, dodging and weaving amongst the pack until victory was mine. There is something special about this one that words really cant do justice. Just give it a go! Game play 5 out of 10 Game graphics 5 out of 10 (Really good for the era) Game appeal 5 out of 10 Game re-playability 9 out of 10 Overall score 9 out of 10

author: harquimm

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