Heretic (Shareware)

Raven Software

Release Year: 1994

Genre: Action

 Views: 3263 / Ratings: 87%


Heretic - another Doom based classic. While this game may not be as popular as doom it is still as good. Unlike Doom this game has medieval theme instead of futuristic but demon spawns crawl through both themes. The weapons and enemies mach this medieval theme perfectly and I enjoy the overall design. The gameplay is fast paced mostly because you can run very fast and unlike Doom you can jump in this game - yes jump! The version I got from galaxy's most resilient bay had many video mode options, controller options and most important the game was compatible with Win7. As I said I enjoyed the overall design and the graphics are... well same as Doom :D They are colourful and you can tell which object is just background and which is an enemy for that time it's ok in my book. Sound and music - sounds are ok. Nothing bad there and music is mostly midi metal tunes combined with more medieval sounding parts not as cool as Doom theme but it fits. This is the first game in Heretic/Hexen series I hope to see others in this graveyard too. In summary if you ever wanted to play Doom in a medieval setting this is the perfect game for you - a good classic shooter on Doom engine has lots of enemies, ammo, weapons and action. Provided me with lots of fun. Im not experienced rewiewer so I won't rate graphics, sound etc. seperately but I will give this game one overall 9 for horrid demons, medieval theme, improved doom gameplay sound,music and graphics.

author: geksis

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thereapergambit (2013-11-22 21:55:22)

love this game played it just as much as doom

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