Fire King

Strategic Studies Group

Release Year: 1990

Genre: Rpg

 Views: 871 / Ratings: 80%


"Nestled in a valley between the great forests of the west and the rocky spires of the east, there exists a sleepy community. For as long as anyone can remember, the land has been at peace. However, the people have short memories; the great slime-plagues of the past, and the many wars with barbarous neighbours, have been quickly forgotten" That is a first page of a long and nice background story of Fire King - classic RPG / Action game released back in 1988 (C64 version) by Strategic Studies Group, and published with the help of Electronic Arts. Packed with action and literally hundreds of monsters spawning from big cauldrons, top-down view and ear-piercing sounds Fire King is really soaked up with C64 atmosphere, and that is a good thing! Add six playable characters, cool background story and many riddles to solve on the top and answer yourself a question - don't you want to try it? ;)

author: shx

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