Double Dragon


Release Year: 1987

Genre: Fight

 Views: 1716 / Ratings: 60%


Before Mortal Kombat, Before Street fighter there was..... (Dramatic Pause) Double Dragon. By todays standards this game just doesn't hold up. The plot is thin, the fighting itself is limited and the game-play is somewhat repetitive. Yet oddly enough something about it seems to work. The game revolves around Billy and Jimmy Lee, two brothers who run a self defense dojo. One day Billys girlfriend Marian is kidnapped by a gang known as the Black Warriors and it is up to the brothers two rescue Marian. Fighting enemys is done by punching, kicking, jumping, climbing, jump kicking and occasionally the use of some weapons. Remember this is old school so no combos, fatalities, blood or gore. However IMHO the formula for this game works. Its simplicity allows the player to get lost in the moment and mash their keyboard furiously until the bad guys are dead. Score game play 5 out of 10 ( Nothing special but not bad. ) Score game graphics 6 out of 10 (Play this in EGA. CGA hurts the eyes.) Score game appeal 7 out of 10 Score Re-playability 6 out of 10 Overall score 6 out of 10

author: harquimm

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Anonymous (2012-11-16 17:22:01)

Great game. Spent a fortune playing it in arcade-arena.

Anonymous (2018-03-04 09:17:14)