Perfect 10 Productions

Release Year: 1995

Genre: Adventure

 Views: 3532 / Ratings: 93%


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Installation (author: thereapergambit)

D-fend Users installation Guide Import your archive file named diskworld. Run the program and a Install program will begin Run the install and exit the program Next go to import folder Go to your d-fend folder open then go to virtualhd Find your DISKWLD1 and add it Start the game and enjoy :)

brucezx (2012-10-04 13:49:30)

looking forward to playing this. Had this but could never get it to work so looooking forward to this.

Anonymous (2017-06-26 10:43:04)

Hey Anw!sdr!!Yee, I add and subtract from the list.I only delete a blog from the list if either it is deleted or the owner sets it to private access (which has happened to quite a number of great blogs, sadly). I leave them on the list if they're merely inactive -- which means there are a certain number on the list that haven't seen a new post in years.On the other hand, I find new exmo blogs all the time. I just added a new one a couple days ago.

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