Parallax Software

Release Year: 1994

Genre: Action

 Views: 1797 / Ratings: 76%


Descent is one of the earliest really good space flight sims. It provides a full 3D world with flight at the surface, in the upper atmosphere, and below ground in vast caverns. For the time, the graphics are pretty good but the play experience was better & the craft control is slick. Descent II took it to a far better level with better enemy AI, graphics, and a bigger world to roam. The full 3D aspect means that sometimes you need to reference objects to tell up from down! Generally a lot of fun.

author: gadget

A mining company has lost control of one of their mines on mars. The robots that once gathered the minerals there have run amok and taken hostage their human co-workers. Your objective to is to regain control of the mine and rescue the hostages. To do this you pilot a modified mining ship armed with a cool array of weapons and fly inside each level of the mine. Shoot the robots, pickup the hostages and the blow up the reactor at the end of each level. Escape within 45 seconds and move onto the next level. This game is lots of fun and it's amazing to think that this came out in 1994. We had this game running over our school network networked with 16 people in a single game. While it might be hard to find a lot of old computers to setup a game like we used to play it is still a lot of fun and i strongly recommend playing decent to you all. Score game play 7 out of 10 (Controls took getting used to.) Score game graphics 7 out of 10 Score game appeal 8 out of 10 Score Re-playability 8 out of 10 Overall score 7.5 out of 10

author: harquimm

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