Demons Winter

Strategic Simulations

Release Year: 1989

Genre: Rpg

 Views: 1432 / Ratings: 80%


This is a good RPG from SSI. The structure is different from Dungeons and Dragons, but it works. The concept is to save the world from the winter imposed by the demon Xeres with your small band of six adventurers. There are ten different character classes, five kinds of runes (schools of magic) plus chants (summoning.) Your party gains experience and advances by defeating the minions of Xeres. They must roam the world to gain the power and knowledge to defeat the demon. Magic is learned in specific locations, and there are a variety of monsters, shrines, and magical aids. The graphics are simple but adequate. Altogether, it is worth a download.

author: freddyk

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Anonymous (2014-12-14 07:48:31)

how do i level my charecters up once i get enuff exp