Day of the Tentacle


Release Year: 1993

Genre: Adventure

 Views: 3890 / Ratings: 92%


Veeeery funny game The sequel of Maniac Mansion, as his predecesor you play with 3 characters but you cannot choose. You play with Bernard Bernoulli, from the first Maniac Mansion, a classic nerd, Laverne, a medic student and Hoagie, a roadie. This time you have to stop purple Tentacle and his plans of TAKE ON THE WORLD!!! Its the last game to use the classic SCUMM sistem. Very colorfull, beautifull animations sounds and voices, with a lot of jokes and LOL situations.

author: zolaris

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harquimm (2013-11-16 09:51:10)

Decades on this game still holds up. Funny, colorful and challenging this game offers a whole lot of fun.

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