Cobra Mission

MegaTech Software

Release Year: 1992

Genre: Adult

 Views: 5853 / Ratings: 70%


Cobra Mission This is a story that takes place on a small island. The main character is Jr but you can change the name of your character also the name of the girl that helps you and the name of the main boss. Right at the start you leave a boat and cross a bridge Jr finds a set of sea side binoculars. He spies on a nude beach you can scroll up down and left and right to see the girls. Once you leave the picture Jr is quickly attacked by some of the island's baddies. You can quickly kill them with the use of his gun after this point you will not have a gun for some time. Once you have dispatched the 3 thugs you meet up with his friend and high school sweetheart Faythe Watson “this is the second name that you can change” who tells him that guns are illegal on the island but don’t worry you will get a gun latter. Faythe tell him the story of how girls on the island are disappearing and the mob boss of the island Kaiser “the final name change if you have chosen them at the start” is believed to be the one causing it. Jr makes it his job to find and stop whomever is causing the girls to disappear. This is where you start your game. Game play in Cobra Mission The game play is a simple point and click I would suggest you use the mouse and not the arrow keys as Jr will just continue walking in the direction you push and you have to use the space bar to stop him. As he moves rather fast stopping him can be annoying where as you click to where you want him to go is a lot easier. Also finding hidden objects are easier; to find them pointing at every object you wish to search. The fighting system is rather simple to use, a display of an image of a character that is attacking Jr will appear and the player has the opportunity to attack them in a particular part of their body. Some body parts will not register any damage also you have a time bar moving from left to right. When the time bars reaches the end of its time line the enemy will attack you. The time bar will move at different speeds depending on the enemies. Slower for weaker enemies and faster for stronger enemies. This can work to your advantage as you can land more hits the slower the time bar moves. As you make a hit the pointer randomly moves to a different part of the screen making it not too easy to do multiple hits in a row. Each enemies will have some part of their body that is more vulnerable and will cause greater damage than a regular hit or may even do a one hit kill so take time to find them or get the information from random A.I character. sex scenes. There are a total of five interactive sex scenes “and four non-interactive ones” in which you choose an item to use like a hands, lips, toy. Click on a part of the girl's body, and this will cause her pleasure meter to either increase or decrease. If you make too many mistakes, then the girl will get upset and leave. If the player fills her meter, then they will be able to finish the sex scene successfully. You will need to spend time on each map area to build up your levels so that you have the top armour and weapons to defeat the boss of that map. So take your time and don’t try to hurry through this game build up your levels for you and your team players. Try changing the weapons of your team mates to as they will have plus and minus effects on them. The graphics are good for the time it was made but the Asian game market has always been good. Sound is ok but what can you expect overall this is a good game for its time and I would recommend you try it if not to waste some time lol and if you remember this game go back to it you will remember how much you loved it.

author: brucezx

Sorry, no solutions yet :(

papachuchu (2012-05-20 08:11:57)

So I just downloaded Cobra Mission and tried to play it on Boxer, but the game is asking me to enter a password. Could anyone give me the password? Thanks.

shx (2012-05-20 12:11:49)

The password is: 'HCM!'. Enjoy!

papachuchu (2012-05-20 16:24:45)

Thank you! I really appreciate it! :)

Anonymous (2013-09-07 10:05:08)

password is incorrect.......wht is the correct password

shx (2013-09-07 10:35:04)

Second comment can be helpful to you. It's not that far away from yours ;]

zolaris (2013-11-22 07:41:25)

i played so long ago, i remember that i played with the gun without bullets and i didnt figure out i only hit them with my gun through all the game :D

Anonymous (2017-04-26 11:25:58)