Charlie Chaplin


Release Year: 1988

Genre: Action

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Legendary Charlie Chaplin comes back! And if that wouldn't be enough, you will get the chance to create a movie with him in it... Not just a movie, a legend that people will love and admire forever! A picture that will get the attention of the whole world, that will change the... Well, that's enough - let's get to the point ;) In 'Charlie Chaplin' you take a role of a director who is, as mentioned before, creating a silent movie. After accepting the scenario, you can finally get to film the scenes. Lights and camera are on, and you are taking the control of the main star - Charlie. Basically, your task is to run around and avoid people and animals that are chasing you. Whenever you get the chance, you're suppose to kick or punch them (don't you know that the audience loves the violence? they always did!). And that's all. When you finish filming the scene, the game switches back to director-mode. You edit the movie, release it - and from now on everything is in the hands of your audience. If they will like the movie, and it will bring a big profit, your film corporation will offer you a job to create another one - of course with Charlie Chaplin in it. It's quite hard to say what kind of a game is it. I placed it under 'Action', because the main part of the game comes to punching and kicking other actors that are trying to do the same with you. However, 'Charlie Chaplin' is quite an original game and it involves some bits and pieces of everything, from arcade thru strategy to simulation. I'm not goint to lie to you - the game is very simple, and it gets a bit boring after a while. But 'Charlie Chaplin' is also, well... different ;) - and that's the most important thing about that game that makes it worth to spend some time on it!

author: shx

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