Car Builder

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Release Year: 1982

Genre: Simulation

 Views: 3749 / Ratings: 70%


Car Builder is a quick but interesting little game. There's not much actual playing to it, you simply design a car through a series of menu choices. There is not much graphically going on, but I would consider it acceptable for the year and style of the game. The entertainment value does not last very long but to a die hard car person, this may provide more lasting appeal. Upon starting Car Builder, you are offered the options of altering the mechanical and body design of the car. Within mechanical you may change the chassis/drivetrain, suspension/steering, and of course tires and brakes. After choosing what to modify you are then able to change several aspects in each category, from several choices. The body design area is a little more free with what you may do. You can either choose from preset body types or completely customize the shape and curvatures of the body. You may also add custom windows and decals. I would like to have seen more options here such as paint schemes and more decals, but it is interesting nonetheless. Once your car is finished, it's time to test her out. The game offers the choice to put your car in a wind tunnel or road test. The wind test will provide you with an analysis of aerodynamics and drag. The road test is a bit more fun however, It will put the car through a series of checkpoints and provide details onhow it handled these areas. You may then go back and alter your car to improve efficiency, or you may save and print. All in all Car Builder is a quick little time killer that I would recommend anyone with even a mild interest in cars check out.

author: mmorris57085

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mmorris57085 (2012-10-21 21:42:45)

Pretty simple, but pretty cool.