Actionware Corporation

Release Year: 1988

Genre: Action

 Views: 1072 / Ratings: 50%


A great first person shooter that I have played in the days of the Amiga era. It's a simple but addictive first person shooter and a lot of fun to play. The menu is simple and so are the game controls (just point with mouse and klik to fire) so you could say as easy as sliced cheese. The graphics are also nice to look at and the game play is reasonable smooth to play. There is no learning curve to master just know that with every level you pas the gansters pop up quicker and you get less time to react. But all in all I find it a nice and good game to play. Score for graphics 6,5 Score for game play 7,5 Overall score 7

author: klogwog

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klogwog (2013-09-05 15:42:57)

Great first person shooter I say