Bubble Bobble


Release Year: 1989

Genre: Arcade

 Views: 1949 / Ratings: N/A


The father of snow bros, tumblepop etc. A plataformer with no sidescroll thera are a one screen hundred levels playing with two little bubble spittter dragons (Bub and Bob). They have to go down the hundred level dungeon passing each one by killing all the monsters, trapping them on a bubble and then explode them. Each level have a helping item and upgrades to the dragons (speed, long range bubbles, quick bubbles, level skippers, etc) but they have to hurry, if they last too long in one level an invencible monster apears and will hunt them till they are dead or they kill all the monsters. Also by collecting the letters of the word "extend" the dragon gets an extra life Very enjoyable two players levels with a lot of secrets and bonuses

author: zolaris

Sorry, no solutions yet :(

Anonymous (2014-09-29 13:46:18)

anyone know how to activate 2 player mode?

Anonymous (2015-01-24 21:50:12)

There are two downloads. The first has only the one player mode, and the second has only the two player mode. In the second, to play with one player you can just wait for one to die, then not continue with that player. To revive a player, press fire. It will cost a credit. search google for -Bubble Bobble DOS 2 player- I'm sure you can find a 2 player version :)