Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity

Viacom New Media

Release Year: 1995

Genre: Adventure

 Views: 13272 / Ratings: 83%


Legendary MTV heroes, Beavis and Butt-head, are back! Great point and click adventure game created back in 1995 by Viacom New Media. Soaked with the original series atmosphere, Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity is a game that will give hours of entertainment to every fan of these two quarter-brains.

author: shx

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Anonymous (2012-12-18 16:59:22)


Anonymous (2013-02-17 11:43:05)

i want this game so bad cause i missed this version of Beavis and Butthead PC game i have 1 other game of Beavis and Butthead Do U

Anonymous (2013-03-24 13:54:22)

maldito juego dañado!!!!

Anonymous (2013-05-25 20:42:23)

i love it / it rocks my hello kitty socks off

Anonymous (2013-06-15 23:19:32)

i loved this game!

Anonymous (2013-10-05 13:14:09)

Just best on 99

Anonymous (2013-10-18 19:20:24)

love this game!reminds me of my childhood

Anonymous (2013-11-02 13:37:59)

i love this game even this is an old one

Anonymous (2014-07-18 07:58:55)

^_^ Thanks

Anonymous (2014-08-02 16:55:45)

oh man!! IT WORKS! I've been dreaming about this moment! I played the demo as a lil' kid and couldn't get the full version not to mention actually figure out how to finish it. been trying to get hold of a working version for ages....and now, that moment has come :)

shx (2014-08-03 07:19:08)

This kind of comments motivates me to add more games to GameGraveyard ;) Have fun!

Anonymous (2014-10-16 04:03:24)

eeerrr err er huh huhuhhhuu huhu errr ... what u mean ... err ... game ? err huh huh ...

Anonymous (2014-12-12 12:24:29)


stoya (2014-11-23 13:23:26)

Beavis and Butt-head rlz!

Anonymous (2014-12-12 12:24:12)


Anonymous (2015-01-28 17:20:37)

your shitty ass download doesnt work

shx (2015-01-31 14:04:02)

It does. Calm down, describe your problem on forum and someone will help you.

Anonymous (2015-02-01 22:22:41)

This site is too good to be true.

Anonymous (2015-03-13 03:17:52)

How the friggin frak do you download stuff?

shx (2015-03-13 22:20:24)

Well... Just below the game details, there's a 'Download & Options' button. Click on it, then click on Download XXX, where XXX is a game title, and voila - the game is on your hard drive. Have fun!

Anonymous (2015-12-27 19:40:35)

an awesome game fun to play if you get stuck just look at the youtube videos

TheGroundedAviator (2016-03-08 22:11:35)

Just before I play the spitting game it freezes and flicks off too the desktop.. what gives?

Anonymous (2017-05-14 08:10:08)


Anonymous (2017-05-21 02:06:05)

очень крутая игра

Anonymous (2017-05-21 02:07:52)

very beautiful game for IBM PC.

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