Battle Chess


Release Year: 1988

Genre: Puzzle

 Views: 3313 / Ratings: 85%


Battle Chess Ok can i just start by saying that Harry bloody Potter and his band of misfits did not create wizards chess.... J K Rowling was not the first to turn chess into a battle!!! Ok now that i have that off my chest lol.. let's get down to "Battle Chess" first things first if you don't know how to play chess then this game is not for you and im not giving free chess lessons..... There are plenty of web sites out there for you to learn chess. That being said this is a good way to play an old game in a new style well new for 1988 ha ha. Battle Chess is simply chess but instead of the normal chess set you have two full apposing army's the pawns are canon fodder troops ie squires, the knight's are armored knights the bishop's are priests or bishops, rooks are big clumping castles that turn into rock monsters, and the king and queen are well kings and queens. all these figures are completely animated and have there own fight moves depending on who they attack. Game play follows the normal chess rules but the difference is you do not have white and black you have red and blue instead, that move in a vertical board layout. Each side moves once per go this in turn has the unit move in an animated walk. Get two apposing units meeting and combat commences this is automatic determining the attacking player. There are many different animations per unit and see if you can spot any film references.the graphics are not bad for the time of the game but for there first outing this is a good attempt at unit movement if you want a better looking Battle Chess then Battle Chess 4000 was released a few years later. It is greater in all respects but this will not take any enjoyment away form the first game. Sound is basic but then a lot of games round that time where. You can only expect there to be some small glitches in a game like this. One to mention is the harder the A.I the longer the computer takes to move and in some cases when you get near to defeating the opposing king on harder levels the A.I takes a lifetime to make moves. But overall this is a good game for its time fun to play and will keep you amused for hours. So if you like chess and want a different way to play the game give Battle Chess a try.

author: brucezx

I remember playing this when I was about twelve years old. If you know a thing or two about chess, this is an incredibly enjoyable game. You have the option of shuffling between two-dimensional chess (like you would play on a board) or an angled board with (then) ground-breaking graphics of animated chess pieces having at it with rocks, staves, holes, bombs, magic, you name it! If you're new to it, it's fun to play it and just watch the possible "death" scenes that the pieces would portray. Overall, this is an awesome little game that respects the rules of chess very well.

author: passivezombie

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harquimm (2013-12-02 11:40:51)

Good review and good game.

thereapergambit (2013-12-03 17:14:19)

played this on dos for the first time.i played it on Nintendo not a bad game

Anonymous (2014-02-05 06:57:33)

Knight Takes King - A must see.

Anonymous (2016-04-01 12:25:05)

good game

Anonymous (2017-07-09 20:37:09)

Not bad

Anonymous (2018-02-24 09:49:04)


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