The Logic Factory

Release Year: 1995

Genre: Strategy


Anonymous (2012-09-05 19:58:34)

You have to download dos box, but once you mount the game's drive and use the mounted drive, type ascend, it works like a charm. If you don't know DOS good luck! But it's worth it... I've spent several days playing this game when it first came out (1996 when I first played it) and still keep coming back for more...

Anonymous (2012-12-19 22:44:29)

Fun game! Can get a bit slow and repetitive in mid-late game, but still fun. Haven't reached end-game yet. The extremely bizarre playable alien races really adds to the flavor of this game. a must try!

codemanjones (2012-12-19 22:55:21)

from dosbox, be sure to start the patched version, "antag.exe", instead of "ascend.exe" for better AI

thereapergambit (2013-11-23 02:58:33)

oh man that antag.exe version is nuts

thereapergambit (2013-11-26 02:57:51)

some one should make a review on the antag version iv played little of it but i think its based on if you have more colones then the other but im not sure

Anonymous (2013-12-18 11:57:30)

Amazing game! I'm a huge fan of Sid Meiers Civilization V. Ascendancy is like the space version of Civ. Love the diversity of alien races, planets, and technologies. A very in-depth, yet quite mobile game.

Anonymous (2015-08-21 21:36:26)

I played this game often as a kid. Liked its complexity a lot!

Anonymous (2016-02-28 16:14:28)

This is amazing. I had so much fun with this brilliant game as a child and I can't believe I get to enjoy it again. Thank you so much, this is the best site ever!

Anonymous (2017-01-17 17:47:32)

I always come back to this game year by year, im 34 years old :P actually, looking for a hybrid tablet 10" to have mobility playing my oldware.

Dave Jedlicka (2017-06-08 02:12:37)

Everything works, but the mouse, so nothing works.

Anonymous (2016-06-05 14:11:32)

How the heck do you get this game to work? I have the program mounted, but what command do you put in DOSBOX to get the program to start?

Anonymous (2016-07-10 02:31:20)

Fuck you spammer

Anonymous (2017-09-15 20:37:15)

Ok to get it to run you change the unzip folders name from ascendancy to (ascend1) for me them you go into do and run cd ascend1 then ascend.exe or ascend1 again. Very simple fix to correct path

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Anonymous (2018-01-04 14:30:55)

if you cannot figure out dosbox, there is a premade version at gamesnostalgia ;)

hboushceci (2018-01-07 21:16:24)

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