The Logic Factory

Release Year: 1995

Genre: Strategy


Anonymous (2012-09-05 19:58:34)

You have to download dos box, but once you mount the game's drive and use the mounted drive, type ascend, it works like a charm. If you don't know DOS good luck! But it's worth it... I've spent several days playing this game when it first came out (1996 when I first played it) and still keep coming back for more...

Anonymous (2012-12-19 22:44:29)

Fun game! Can get a bit slow and repetitive in mid-late game, but still fun. Haven't reached end-game yet. The extremely bizarre playable alien races really adds to the flavor of this game. a must try!

codemanjones (2012-12-19 22:55:21)

from dosbox, be sure to start the patched version, "antag.exe", instead of "ascend.exe" for better AI

thereapergambit (2013-11-23 02:58:33)

oh man that antag.exe version is nuts

thereapergambit (2013-11-26 02:57:51)

some one should make a review on the antag version iv played little of it but i think its based on if you have more colones then the other but im not sure

Anonymous (2013-12-18 11:57:30)

Amazing game! I'm a huge fan of Sid Meiers Civilization V. Ascendancy is like the space version of Civ. Love the diversity of alien races, planets, and technologies. A very in-depth, yet quite mobile game.

Anonymous (2015-08-21 21:36:26)

I played this game often as a kid. Liked its complexity a lot!

Anonymous (2016-02-28 16:14:28)

This is amazing. I had so much fun with this brilliant game as a child and I can't believe I get to enjoy it again. Thank you so much, this is the best site ever!

Anonymous (2017-01-17 17:47:32)

I always come back to this game year by year, im 34 years old :P actually, looking for a hybrid tablet 10" to have mobility playing my oldware.

Dave Jedlicka (2017-06-08 02:12:37)

Everything works, but the mouse, so nothing works.

Anonymous (2016-06-05 14:11:32)

How the heck do you get this game to work? I have the program mounted, but what command do you put in DOSBOX to get the program to start?

Anonymous (2016-07-10 02:31:20)

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