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Release Year: 1995

Genre: Strategy

 Views: 19625 / Ratings: 76%


Ascendancy is a space exploration/exploitation game where you start as one of a dozen or so alien races on the cusp of intergalactic flight. Aliens range from the familiar, a rat-man with triple-forked tongue, to the outlandish, such as sentient crystals or a 16-sexed magma dweller. You start the game with a different back-story explaining why the race has turned to exploring the stars, and then you spend a few turns researching star-travel technologies and building up the infrastructure on your home planet (wouldn't this already be developed?), and then on to ship-building and space exploration. Eventually you come into contact with the other other alien races and the REAL fun begins! If you want to know more you'll have to play for yourself ;)

author: codemanjones

I've been playing computer games since the mid-1980's, and this one (along with Master of Orion 2) was one of the best! Ascendancy has a great soundtrack for starters, which was not something seen in early games. There are plenty of truly weird races from which to choose to begin your trek across space. Like most simulators, there are a number of areas to explore. Physical space, planets, research, and the like. Each solar system has a number of planets which also have certain types of planets. Each planet has a number of tiles which can be developed to increase food output, industrial output, and research. Star lanes, somewhat reminiscent of wormhole lines, connect systems together. Game play unfolds quickly. If the player sits on their laurels and doesn't expand, research, and grow enough, the AI will simply take over the rest of the galaxy and leave you to be conquered. If you are looking for a nice throwback game to spend hours learning and never playing the same game twice, this one is for you.

author: ncborusa

Ascendancy is a great game - it can be a bit of a slog towards the final stages, but the gameplay is great and the soundtrack is very good.

author: Anonymous

The first thing to say is I like Ascendancy. It was a game that my older brother, 10 years my senior, bought for us when we were kids and I continue to play it every now and then to this day. If you are familiar with and like strategy games you will probably be familiar with a lot of the mechanics of this game and then this adds a twist by setting the whole thing in space. You play as one of a number of alien races and, as other users have said, your choice of race at the beginning gives you some sort of bonus as well as affecting the appearance of your spaceships. Other than that there isn't really that much difference between the races which is a shame. It would have been nice to have different technology trees for example for all the different races. The interface is easy to handle even for those uninitiated in grand strategy and the gameplay is engaging but towards the end of the game things can become a little tedious as you perfect all your planets and there are a couple of bugs which allow your ships and planets to be invincible towards the end of the game which quickly becomes dull as well. I like the music in this game. The score is haunting and does a good job of making you feel as though you are indeed an alien ruler in space and the graphics are pretty good for a game made in the 90's! All in all I would recommend this one to anyone interested in strategy, space strategy in particular. 7/10, a strong effort.

author: GarethHunter

I've been playing this game since I was 5 years old. The music, races and simply everything in this game is totally awesome! At first, you start by selecting an allien race. All races have different Special powers that will later help you to own the game. When you start to play, you are on a planet. There, you have to develop your race by building factories, Research labs, habitoriants, etc. . Eventually, you can even build ships to travel to other stars and galaxies. While exploring the universe, you will meet all Kind of different allien races with who you can either form alliances, start wars or just ignore. You win this game when you either formed alliances with, or annihilated all races. I love this game because there are many game beating it, and if you download the extra patch, the different races will start to be much more inteligent, giving you a hard time beating the game but enjoying it even more. :)

author: Anonymous

This is one of the greatest strategic games, when it comes to gameplay. But it also has one of the ugliest turn mechanics. It does add auto-reminders that stop the timeclock, but the constant screen switching makes this game pretty dull once you've colonized few star systems. The interface is also pretty crappy and does not use keyboard for scrolling. If you can still tolerate this today,.. have fun.

author: Anonymous

Tips & Tricks (author: Anonymous)

endgame strategy. Since Ascendancy is about controlling enough of the section of the galaxy to satisfy dominance, the game was actually really broken with the creation of one item. the smart bomb. hold two or three on any of your ships, and you simply destroy your opponents without worrying about range, or strength. this allows you to build minimalized star cruisers to take down enemy ships fast and force them to spend more and more resources supplying their fleets. with this savings, focus on sciences. as with nearly every strategy game, economics win in the end, because it speeds up your end game considerably. that's it really, science and smart bombs... 'nuff said.

Anonymous (2012-09-05 19:58:34)

You have to download dos box, but once you mount the game's drive and use the mounted drive, type ascend, it works like a charm. If you don't know DOS good luck! But it's worth it... I've spent several days playing this game when it first came out (1996 when I first played it) and still keep coming back for more...

Anonymous (2012-12-19 22:44:29)

Fun game! Can get a bit slow and repetitive in mid-late game, but still fun. Haven't reached end-game yet. The extremely bizarre playable alien races really adds to the flavor of this game. a must try!

codemanjones (2012-12-19 22:55:21)

from dosbox, be sure to start the patched version, "antag.exe", instead of "ascend.exe" for better AI

thereapergambit (2013-11-23 02:58:33)

oh man that antag.exe version is nuts

thereapergambit (2013-11-26 02:57:51)

some one should make a review on the antag version iv played little of it but i think its based on if you have more colones then the other but im not sure

Anonymous (2013-12-18 11:57:30)

Amazing game! I'm a huge fan of Sid Meiers Civilization V. Ascendancy is like the space version of Civ. Love the diversity of alien races, planets, and technologies. A very in-depth, yet quite mobile game.

Anonymous (2015-08-21 21:36:26)

I played this game often as a kid. Liked its complexity a lot!

Anonymous (2016-02-28 16:14:28)

This is amazing. I had so much fun with this brilliant game as a child and I can't believe I get to enjoy it again. Thank you so much, this is the best site ever!

Anonymous (2017-01-17 17:47:32)

I always come back to this game year by year, im 34 years old :P actually, looking for a hybrid tablet 10" to have mobility playing my oldware.

oulpomerk (2019-11-27 08:10:54)

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Dave Jedlicka (2017-06-08 02:12:37)

Everything works, but the mouse, so nothing works.

Anonymous (2016-06-05 14:11:32)

How the heck do you get this game to work? I have the program mounted, but what command do you put in DOSBOX to get the program to start?

Anonymous (2019-06-23 23:01:44)


Anonymous (2016-07-10 02:31:20)

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Anonymous (2017-09-15 20:37:15)

Ok to get it to run you change the unzip folders name from ascendancy to (ascend1) for me them you go into do and run cd ascend1 then ascend.exe or ascend1 again. Very simple fix to correct path

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Anonymous (2018-01-04 14:30:55)

if you cannot figure out dosbox, there is a premade version at gamesnostalgia ;)

hboushceci (2018-01-07 21:16:24)

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