Alien Cabal


Release Year: 1997

Genre: Action

 Views: 2299 / Ratings: 65%


Hello, Members. First of all there are three things to consider when playing this game.. 1) it's pretty fun, despite the fact that it looks like a doom mod(unsure if this is true) 2) much like doom, the controls are awesome for someone like me, i follow the wsad and mouse scheme, so this handled like a dream. 3) it's customizable. the flexability of this game is pretty cool, if there are control scheme's you dont like on the game, you can change it to another one with any key you want (not like playing so many other games) these three things togehter make it quite fun, but i still have not told you what the game is all about have I? Well, you are an alien(Bet that was hard to figure out, huh?) and , like so many aliens before you, you just want to be left alone to re-build your society. But the goveerment cant have they send thier best and brightest to stop you, on the way you will also encounter robots. I have only played the shareware version, but i enjoyed what i played thus far, and DOOMers will defintly get a big kick out of it. Enjoy!

author: zaszthedestroyer

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dukethewizard (2013-04-05 05:32:56)

Witam - nigdy nie spotka?em si? z ta gierk? - a moim zdaniem jest warta uwagi - nie jest to blood heheh ale super si? gra - polecam mi?o?nikom starych gierek gor?co - pozdrawiam serdecznie.

Anonymous (2014-04-11 23:55:35)

Actually, you don't play as an alien in this game. You're the guy they send to take out the aliens; the government agents trying to kill you are just clones that the aliens created.