Release Year: 1981

Genre: Rpg

 Views: 1335 / Ratings: 60%


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codemanjones (2012-12-19 23:09:53)

Richard Garriott (aka Lord British)'s first RPG, before the Ultima series. not great.

dosdog (2013-07-24 08:35:21)

Judgeing by the file dates, this appears to be a 1996 DOS port of the original Apple II BASIC program, which is included in the archive.

Anonymous (2017-06-26 10:47:49)

Gracias, Rudy. Espero que no te defraude. Porque realmente me es difícil reconocer el valor que tenga por haberla escrito. Son cuineeosts demasiado subjetivas para mí.Un abrazo:)

Anonymous (2018-02-24 09:49:15)