John D. Odneal

Release Year: 1983

Genre: Action

 Views: 1665 / Ratings: 40%


Afghanistan is a very old strategy war sim. The strategy part is not bad, but what really lacks is the controls. The UI was developed before anyone put any thought into a UI; in other words, it's painful. Even starting a new game took a couple frustrating minutes fighting the menu and eventually resorting to the readme.doc. After negotiating the menu the game will begin! First, you select your units by typing in their number, 1 to 35. You are punished with a timeout if you enter any invalid or already-selected choice. After correctly selecting a unit, you can arrow it around the map, one unit at a time, and 3 steps at a time. Repeat 34 more times, and it's the enemy's turn. You eventually figure out that your goal is to capture all the cities on the map. The enemies are hidden, and my strategy was to avoid them as much as possible. I ended up driving "roads" through the country, which seemed satisfyingly realistic. The game also uses old-school text-based graphics. This is great in my eye but probably a turn-off for most gamers. In summary, Afghanistan would have been pretty cool as one of the first strategy games ever to grace a computer, but it's fairly poor by today's standards.

author: codemanjones

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codemanjones (2012-12-20 01:05:07)

i wouldn't label this action. i'd say strategy, or possibly sim

Anonymous (2017-06-27 11:19:14)

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