Adult Film Cameraman

Interactive Girls Club

Release Year: 1994

Genre: Adult

 Views: 6673 / Ratings: 53%


When I downloaded this game I thought great so I will be de cameraman. Now that I have played it I am thinking should have downloaded something else. You see the only thing you do is control how de camera rolls along e picture of a barely dressed woman and you can freeze frame it but that's it and only it you do. Nothing else just point and shoot so to speak. It is a one time only game to play and then just put it away never to play again. And come to think of it could have spent my time on something more constructive than this game ever could. Score gameplay 8 out of 10 Score graphics 8 out of 10 Score game appeal 0 out of 10 Score repettitive gaming 0 out of 10 Overall score 4 out of 10 Last impresion not worth your time is all i can say about this game

author: klogwog

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klogwog (2013-09-05 15:39:58)

STil not worthwhile your efforts should deffintly look for other games to play

harquimm (2013-12-02 11:43:22)

Thanks for the warning I might give this game a miss.

Anonymous (2017-04-26 11:25:58)