Action Fighter


Release Year: 1989

Genre: Action

 Views: 553 / Ratings: 70%


Action fighter...... Ahhh the memories. This was the first computer game that i ever played and owned, way back in 1989. Having an Amstrad 8088 back with ega made me the coolest kid in town.... fond memories. Any-who back to the game. The concept is simple. Shoot the bad guys while collecting power ups to transform your vehicle until you destroy the bosses at the end of the level. Simple to get the hang of but challenging to play this game should keep you amused for a while. **Warning** This game was designed to run in directly from your cpu speed, so dosbox is essential to slow down the clock speed of modern computers. Game play 5 out of 10 (Very simple nothing special) Graphics 8 out of 10 (Really good for the era) Score Game appeal 7 out of 10 (challenging enough to keep you interested) Re-playability 7 out of 10 (untill you defeat the final boss) Overall score 6.75 out of 10

author: harquimm

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