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Release Year: 1996

Genre: Action

 Views: 2938 / Ratings: 88%


Simple, yet brilliant, extremely playable and very addictive game. Abuse is a side-scrolling action game, in which the player controls Nick Vrenna, a victim of some insane medical experiments that were taking place in a hidden prison complex. Something went wrong though, a virus infecting prisoners with a terrible condiction called Abuse has spread throughout the buildings. The good news are, it seems that Nick is immune and it is not hard to recognize the sick. The bad news - people that have made contact with those infected usually didn't survive longer than few heart beats. Also, our virus-proof hero discovers that a water supply nearby is at risk of infection, which would cause a chaos and madness on a huge scale. Nick decides to save the world and stop all this from happening. The funny thing is, it's not the only plot that is out there ;) Some of the older versions (like the one you can download from GameGraveyard.net) have a different background story. It's not too clear though, something about aliens called 'Ants'. They took over the earth and enslaved the human race. Nick Vrenna is the humanity last hope and he alone decides to stood up against the alien tyrany. Anyway, you can pick one story and stick to it ;P The main object of the game is to save the water supply and then escape the prison complex (eventually, to free human race from Ants ;) ). There's a catch of course - complex is packed with hundreds of mad mutants that exist only to destroy you. Thankfully, Nick can make quite a good use of some weapons that are lying here and there - probably leftovers after mutants lunches. The controls are really great - you use keyboard to move around and mouse to aim and shot your enemies. Simple and allowing to speed up the pace of the game. And the pace makes the playability unreal - it's really hard to stop playing Abuse after you start. The game is packed with action, and there's no place for any kind of boredom. Simply great. One more thing that is quite unusual about Abuse is its level editor. It was a quite common idea within the strategy games by that time, however I don't remember too many side-scrolling platform games that contained one. After running the abuse.exe file with -edit attribute, the game switches into a level editor mode and allows us to change the game levels. It's not an easy task, but you can find a lot of additional levels online. Thanks to that great idea, you can finish the game many different times, without playing the same level twice. Once again, simply great. Add nice midi music in the background and explosions-packed sounds on top. What you get is a fantastic game, definitely one of my favourites, and I would definitely recommend it to everyone and anybody! You won't regret!

author: shx

Manual (author: shx)

Abuse Controls: Left Arrow - Move left. Right Arrow - Move right. Down Arrow - Use / Enter / Down. Up Arrow - Jump / Climb. Ctrl - Toggle weapons counter-clockwise. Ins - Toggle weapons clockwise. 1-7 - Changes weapon. Move mouse to position targeting cross hairs. Left Click - Fire. Hold Right Click - Use special power.

Anonymous (2012-10-05 00:50:41)

I cant make the audio work :((((

shx (2012-10-05 10:14:37)

Ask on our Forum, someone will help you.

Anonymous (2013-10-11 02:05:41)

Brilliant platform game! Spent hours on it as a kid. I can't wait to play again!

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