Abandoned Places: A Time for Heroes


Release Year: 1992

Genre: Rpg

 Views: 37 / Ratings: N/A


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Abandoned Places: A Time for Heroes

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Anonymous (2017-06-27 11:14:27)

because someone el#s8e&217;s problems give us the advantage of being out of the box. then you can see things better. when you’re inside the box you’re drowning with (at least) emotions! it’s so hard.when i’m arguing with my husband i feel paralyzed with emotion. when we are good we make agreements on how we should argue better and how we should not go to certain places and be mean to each other. but in the heat of the moment i forget. i say things, i can’t make good decisions, etc. it’s pretty awful. makes me feel like a child. makes me feel so inept!