3 Sisters' Story

Sakura Soft

Release Year: 1999

Genre: Adult

 Views: 29033 / Ratings: 85%


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Anonymous (2013-04-06 10:41:16)

good game,actually..although it's old.i'll play few times with sum endings...

zolaris (2013-11-22 07:40:15)

its very funny the first way to die :D

Anonymous (2014-03-18 19:28:09)

it dnt work

Anonymous (2016-03-15 17:12:51)

great game

Anonymous (2016-04-18 16:21:20)

how to play this game?

Anonymous (2016-04-28 03:44:30)

does game support in windows 8

Anonymous (2016-05-16 01:46:05)

Where is the Scene in the last Screenshot (Girls in Pool with green Water) , please ?

Anonymous (2017-05-11 01:46:25)

i love game long time.

Anonymous (2018-05-02 04:11:58)

I failed at the Mana sex scene please kill me

ssimersoncarr (2018-05-11 10:53:48)


Anonymous (2016-07-18 02:38:49)

Try dosbox ?

Anonymous (2017-07-20 22:08:03)

Huh. The last screencap (gals in bath house) is from seasons of the sakura.

Anonymous (2017-08-17 20:26:21)

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Anonymous (2017-10-11 22:23:37)

To the commenter asking about the last screenshot, that's from a different game called Season of the Sakura (or Sakura no Kisetsu)

USMMChris (2017-11-23 14:42:25)

To anyone trying to figure out how to play this or any other game here on GameGraveyard - you have to download DOSBox and run the game thru that. GG only has the games, they're not pre-configured with DOSBox like other sites offer.

Anonymous (2018-01-20 18:57:44)

Thank you for this! I loved this game. The plot is really fun.