1000 Miglia


Release Year: 1992

Genre: Racing

 Views: 1512 / Ratings: 53%


Okay so the name of the game is 1000 Miglia (had to look it up and it means Miles in Italian). So the goal of the game is to travel 1000 miles cross country in a car from the first half of 19th century, you know oldsmobiel cars so to speak. What can I say about the game it is a great little game and to operate and to choose is reasonable easy to do. The graphics are enjoyable at the least and the sounds are quite okay to. Further more I vind it a game you can play anytime just make sure you are not easily distracted because you do need your fullest attention on this one especially when you are driving in the fog (watch out for other cars on the road). Gameplay 6.5 out of 10 Graphics 6.5 out of 10 Repetitieve gameplay 5 out of 10 Overall score 6 out of 10 Final word about the game "big miles, small game".

author: klogwog

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klogwog (2013-09-05 15:55:10)

Fun racing game

Anonymous (2017-06-27 10:43:15)

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